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Beauty Essentials for the New Mother. Mother, the word is so pleasant and soothing to our ears. Her presence makes all the difference to the newborn. Her personal life takes a back seat and the baby becomes her priority. But balancing your life and sparing a little time to self can make you feel and look good.

Every new mom goes through sleepless nights, tiring eyes, sore limbs and of course stained clothes. For once, relax and organize your work.

Mother with Child, Beauty Essentials for the New Mother, After Delivery Care
Beauty Essentials for the New Mother

A new mom can simply look gorgeous and feel great about herself even after a stressful pregnancy by following these tips.

  • Get enough sleep while the baby is taken care of by other family members.
  • Get a full body massage to relax your muscles after delivery.
  • The face is our identity. So a simple homemade face pack can do the needful.
  • Getting pedicure is just the right thing for a new mom as her feet are the most hardworking lot in your body.
  • Use hand moisturizing cream for a supple and smooth palm. Cut your nails short to avoid scratching your baby.
  • Oil your hair and hair wash once a week for a cleaner scalp.
  • Go for short but brisk walks to improve your metabolism. It helps in losing those extra kilos.
  • Consuming the right foods like calcium, iron, fibers, proteins, and vitamins aid in lactating mothers.
  • Always drink water to stay hydrated.
  • A healthy mind and positive attitude not only enables proper lactation but also helps you lose weight and is key to a successful motherhood.
  • Visiting your doctor once a month is a good habit.
  • Go for walks with your baby. It builds the bonding between the mother and the child.
  • Exercise can flex your tired muscles and ligaments near your abdomen and perineum to bring them back to normal posture after delivery.

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