Why use fruit facial scrubs made at home?


Fruits are great for your skin. Both for health and beauty. Fruit custards and fruit salads are some of the most enjoyable ways of including fruits in your daily diet. Fruit lovers apart from eating can integrate fruits in more than one way in their life. It would be perfect to use fruits as scrubs.

How to prepare fruit facial scrubs made at home

Fruits bring health and fruit scrubs to exfoliate and brighten your dull facial skin. All you need is a little bit of creativity and make the best fruit scrubs with each and every fruit available at your home.

  • Whenever you eat a fruit, ensure that you keep a small portion of it and use it as face scrub or face mask.
  • It is pretty simple to make fruit scrubs at home and it is not time taking.
  • It is also the cheapest way of doing a fruit scrub in the comfort of your home unless the fruit you use is too expensive!
  • Fruits have enzymes and nutrients that are mild on your skin.
  • Fruits and the base substance used in the paste are so natural ingredients, they not only act effective on your skin but also prevents your skin from exposing to the hazards of preservative and harsh chemicals available in the market.

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Let’s know about Oranges and how beneficial it is as a face scrub:

Oranges have a unique citrusy scent that invigorates your senses. Take an orange (1/4 part) and two spoons of cornmeal. Squash out the orange juice and mix it with cornmeal. Make them into a fine paste. Wash your face thoroughly and on drying apply the paste onto your face. Gently Scrub the face and wash off after three minutes. Follow up with a mild moisturizer. It is a perfect winter delight for your skin.

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