What are the signs to check for Inflammation


Inflammation is a complicated thing. On the one side it acts as a good pal to our body, but if immune cells start to react excessively, inflammation turns against us.

When inflammation turns against us it may lead to a lot of health problems, immunity problems, insomnia, trouble breathing, gum damage,  joint pain, obesity, skin disorders, bone damage, heart disease, cancer, and even psychological issues.

What are the signs to check for Inflammation?

Inflammation causes extreme pain, especially the inflamed areas are highly sensitive even to a touch.  Inflammation ejects chemicals that fuel nerve endings causing immense pain.

It can cause improper functioning around joints and muscles. Thus making you immobile.

Due to the flow of blood to the inflamed area, your body begins to feel warm to the touch. The heat is generated due to Inflammation.

Due to the discharge of histamine and fluid accumulation, the inflammatory response always encourages swelling.

Capillaries beneath the inflamed area are flush with blood which makes the area look red.

Prolonged inflammation can create new and intersecting symptoms like chest pain, fatigue, fever, abdominal pain, joint pain, skin rash and mouth sores.

The causes, duration, onset period, and health outcomes of acute and chronic inflammation are very dissimilar.

  • Acute inflammation is caused by harmful bacteria or tissue injury while chronic inflammation is caused by pathogens, viruses, and over-reactive immune responses.
  • Acute inflammation has a quick onset of symptoms whereas chronic inflammation is advanced and often slow.
  • The short-term inflammation lasts a few days while chronic inflammation can last months or even years.


It goes without saying that a proper diet is absolutely crucial to a healthy inflammatory response. The nutrition expert will advise eating adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables, plant-based proteins, whole grains, fatty fish, and fresh herbs and spices for a healthy life.


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