Want to look beautiful without make-up? Then try these tips

Make-up can be shown to be extremely beautiful, but the beauty of reality is something else. When your skin looks beautiful in nature, you will not have to try any makeup.

Let’s see how the natural beauty of make-up looks beautiful

Wash the face: Wash the face before sleeping at night. If makeup is done then first remove it from a good make-up remover, then wash the face with lukewarm water. If you have come out of the way, then wash your face with water as soon as you come home. Avoid use of soap. Washing face with rose water is good for the skin.

Do not touch the hands again and again: Many people habit that they keep their face in the middle of their hands while thinking of something. Avoid doing this because the dirt and catarrh present in the hand can reach the face. If it is acne then do not touch them too. This causes bacteria to go inside the skin and it takes more time to go for acne.

Apply cream only after washing face: After washing face, it needs moisture, so do not forget to apply cream. Apply the cream not with the whole hand, but only with the fingers of the fingers and round the round on the face. This will massage the face and blood circulation will increase. If your skin is smooth then use cream instead of cream. The cream has more effect on the wet face.

Natural Beauty Tips
Natural Beauty Tips

Scrub: Scrab the face once a week. There are several types of scrubs for different skin in the market. Try to buy organic scrub. Scrub can also be made from barley flour at home. Or, after drying the orange peels in the sun, make their powder and wash it with it. It removes dirt and dead cells from the face so that the skin looks clean and bright.

Take steam: Before raising the vapor, the vapor is opened by taking steam and the effect of the rubbish is deep. Along with this the fat also melts. After steam, do not scrub the face, otherwise the chances of trapping dirt in the skin will increase and the effect will be reversed. After removing the incubator, the Romans can also apply snow on the face to close the pores.

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Put rubbish: Put rubbing on face twice a week. Almost every metabolic thing of drinking water fills the face, like curd, milk, honey, turmeric, gram flour, cucumber, strawberry, egg, almond oil etc. Upholstery also reduces fat exhaustion and shines on the face. Take it off before the drying of the urea completely, otherwise wrinkles can occur.

Avoid sunlight: Sunlight is essential for skin but in small quantities. Excessive sun exposure can cause skin to burn. Use sunscreen even when there is not too much sunlight, because there are also ultraviolet rays, which are extremely harmful. Even good sunscreens can show effect only in two to four hours, so do not spend too much time in the sun.

Drink plenty of water: Not only to quench the thirst, but to look beautiful, you should also drink plenty. For every twenty kilograms of body weight a liter of water is needed.

Focus on eating: Pizza and burgers can reduce your beauty. They contain excessive fat and salt. Eat fresh fruits and nuts if you are hungry. Watermelon is effective on wrinkles and also protects against skin cancer. The nut is also very good for the skin. The oil and fatty acid contained in it repairs the skin.

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