The Simple Facial Routine at Home in 5-easy steps


Everyone wants to look good. A beauty salon is a preferred choice for many, but still, you can try the simple facial routine that would not only improve your texture, brighten the complexion but also save a lot of bucks.

Follow the simple 5-step facial that not only renew and revive your skin but also add a glow to your face.

Skin Cleansing

Choose a cleanser according to your skin type. It should neither dry nor make your skin oily.

  • For normal and oily skin you can go for foaming or gel based face washes.
  • Dry-skinned can use mild cleansers that are either creamy or milk based to get clean skin.

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After cleansing, exfoliation is a must. A gentle scrub can clear the tan, remove dead cells and reveal new layers under the skin. It also improves skin texture.

Steaming and removal of blackheads

It is very important to steam our faces for at least 10 minutes and remove blackheads with a stainless steel blackhead remover on areas like forehead, nose and chin area.

Massage with cream or a gel

  • A 15 minute of stimulating massage to your face, neck, and back will do wonders.
  • Give upward and outward strokes on your face and downward strokes on your neck.
  • Apply more pressure on the sides of your temples and jawline to improve blood circulation and reduce stress. Wipe off with a wet towel.

Face pack

Keeping in mind your skin needs, choose a good face pack. This would be the last part of the facial routine. You can try clay mask for oily skin, for aging concerns, use a firming mask and for dull skin, try a brightening mask. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water. Rub ice to close your pores or a toner and finish with a moisturizer.

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