Super foods for Burning sensation

Do you experience burning sensation in your stomach? This is the result of acid reflux in the stomach, which comes all the way to the chest. This causes an uneasiness in the chest and in the abdomen.

Causes of burning sensation:

Gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, ulcers, bacterial infection and coeliac disease, among others. Further causes are obesity, smoking, alcohol medicines, emotional stress, and a poor diet.

Symptoms of burning sensation:

Gas, heartburn, vomiting, bloating, sore throat, hiccups, cough, and difficulty in swallowing food.


Burning sensation can be relieved with certain medications but there are a lot of side effects to it. But, with simple home remedies, one can treat the burning sensation with no side effects.

Here goes the list…

  • Aloe Vera is considered soothing and gentle on external injuries, rashes, as well as a beauty It also calms the stomach burn and eases heartburn. It has cooling properties which relieve your heartburn. Drink half a cup of Aloe Vera juice before a meal.
  • Fruits like banana, apple, and papaya have natural antacids that can treat the burning sensation of your stomach. Eat at least one fruit of your choice to get immediate relief.
  • Almonds counter the juices in the stomach, thereby relieving you from the burning sensation in the stomach. Eat 5-6 almonds after a meal to relax your intestines.
  • Yogurt is full of probiotics that aid in great relief to your stomach. It contains good bacteria that will help boost your digestive system. Eating yogurt in every meal treats the burning sensation of your stomach.
  • Basil leaves have remarkable healing properties and cooling agents that brings immediate relief from the burning stomach. Boil the basil leaves for 15 minutes and filter it. On cooling, add some honey and drink it.

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