The problem of obesity in children can be increased due to home disinfectants


Researchers have claimed that the disinfectant and other chemicals used in cleanliness in homes can increase obesity problems in children.

A new study has claimed that phenyl, harpic, Lizol (Lysol) and other such products can increase the tendency of weight gain in children by changing ‘gut microbes’ (human microbes living in the human digestive system) of children.

A study has been published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal about this. For this study, researchers from the University of Albbrata of Canada analyzed the ‘group microbes’ of 757 babies aged 3-4 months.

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During the study, the weight of children was measured while analyzing the effects of disinfectants, cleaning materials and other environmentally friendly products used in homes.

It was found in the study that due to the excessive use of pesticides in households, there was a change in the ‘group microbe’ of children aged 3-4 months. They found that other detergents and cleaning products also had similar effects on children.

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