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In General, Children are prone to illness more than adults because their immune systems are in developing stage. Here, the list of Most Common Illnesses Among Children.

Strep Throat

Strep throat is an agonizing soreness in the throat followed by fever. It is primarily seen in school going children. If left untreated, strep throat can lead to a serious complication called rheumatic fever. Changing the toothbrush after strep throat clears is essential to prevent the infection from coming back.

 Middle Ear Infections

Ear infections are most common in young children. The tiny canal in the center ear cannot drain the liquid that develops easily. If it doesn’t deplete it can get contaminated and can be extremely painful.  Take them to a specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Stomach Flu

Stomach flu is extremely infectious and is a frequent visitor to kids. It is easy for germs to spread from kid to another in schools where they are exposed. Lookout for vomiting and diarrhea symptoms. Tell them to wash their hands before eating and after utilizing the lavatory. Rest and staying hydrated is crucial.

The Common Cold

Young children suffer from common colds regularly along with ear infections. High fever associated with chills is a common sight. The best way to cure a common cold is to prevent it.

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Influenza (The Flu)

Due to low immunity levels in young children, this virus turns very dangerous. Ensure your child gets influenza shot each year once after they cross 6 months of age.


Conjunctivitis or pink eye is an infection in the eye and covering of the eyelid. Side effects like tingling, redness, and watering are commonly noted. Self-hygiene is very important.


Kid’s bodies are not strong enough to face a large number of the germs that encompass us. Hence, they become ill regularly.  Infections cause illness that affects the immune system is a very common phenomenon. Take your child to a specialist whenever necessary.

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