Kids need your quality time | Best Parenting tips for Parents


It is important for parents to realize the value of the time they give to their kids in this fast-paced modern lifestyle. It will make an impact on the social and emotional development of their child. It’s the meaningful time that bond’s the kids with their parents, not the costly trips or cool gifts.

Now, let’s talk about a few ways how parents can spend quality time with their kids. Best Parenting tips for Parents

  • Whether you are a homemaker or working parent, spend at least 20 minutes every morning with your kids. It could be folding the blankets together, or helping them pack their bags or eating breakfast.
  • Join your kids in relaxing activities like yoga or gardening or music or shopping. Make it pleasurable and memorable for the whole family.
  • Allow your children in meal preparations. It helps in family bonding and reduces behavior problems seen in kids.

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Kids with mobile phone
Kids with mobile phone
  • Do not give your child your phone when they feel bored. Instead, play board games. It allows instant bonding.
  • Club activities together. Make dinner or your chores while they do their homework in your presence.
  • Memories are important. Hence cultivate taking a selfie with your child, or make a one-second video. You’ll be surprised to know that years later, it would be something that both of you would treasure.
  • There’s nothing like a bedtime By telling/reading your child a tale is an act that forges a deep bond and supports their interest to read more.
  • Encourage your child to shoot interesting questions. Teach something and learn something.
  • Always give a chance to your kids to speak about their day and what made them happy and vice-versa how much ever tiring day you had.


There is always a positive sense of self-worth in children who spend time and participate in activities with their parents.




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