Change Your Lifestyle Not Your Diet!


Change Your Lifestyle Not Your Diet Majority of the world’s population is suffering with mild to morbid obesity. Anyone can predict your New Year’s resolution; that is to lose weight. To lose weight people follow all types of diets. But do you know that 90% of those diets fail? Why? It’s dieting itself. It increases your stress hormones, lowers testosterone, and causes your body to store fats.

Let’s keep aside the diet resolution and instead focus on implementing good lifestyle habits that assist you to reach your goals and uphold them.


First and foremost is to sleep enough. Don’t underrate the phenomenon of sleep when it comes to fat loss. Sleeping lets your body to detoxify, repair, and regenerate cells and muscles.

"<yoastmarkCounting calories doesn’t Fats do not generate the release of the fat-storing hormone insulin the way carbohydrates do. The gluten, sugar, and chemicals in the low-fat products are roots to weight gain.

inflammatory foods

Get rid of inflammatory foods. Inflammation in the body can interfere with the fat loss despite all your hard work. Keep out from inflammatory foods such as dairy foods, simple carbohydrates, gluten, added sugar, and alcohol.

Dehydration is always misunderstood as being hungry. Drinking water in between meals lower binge eating. Low-calorie herbal tea, lime water, vegetables, and fruits play a key role.

"<yoastmarkProtein is primarily responsible for building the muscle in our body. It is a must in our daily diet. The body will eat away your muscle and store fat when your body is low in calories and deficient in protein. Accelerate fat loss by eating some protein at every meal, especially at breakfast.


It’s very important to regularly exercise. Don’t stress out by working hours at the gym; instead, a brisk normal 30-minute walk will keep you active the whole day.

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