The real objective of yoga… why practice and make it part of your life?


Benefits of Yoga, Well Yoga leads the person to the path of consciousness, about freedom, truth, happiness, and enlightenment. Yoga brings mental harmony, physical well-being and the balance of emotions. In simple words, yoga helps unlock our true potential.

Positive Benefits of Yoga in our life:

  • Physical Fitness: Yoga should not be treated just as a therapy that cures inner and outer ailments. When yoga becomes part of your daily routine it will not only ward you off from diseases but also retains your
  • De-Stress Stress, worries, problems, tensions are all very common in everyone’s life. To each is his own tension and stress. Students face examination stress while a new mother worries on her young baby. It is hence advised to inculcate yoga into your life to de-stress.

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  • Getting rid of Bad Habits: Bad Habits are like addictions. People do try to give up their bad habits, like smoking, drinking, overeating but they fail. Practicing yoga supports us to come out of these habits much easier.
  • Personality Development: Yoga turns you into a new leaf at the end of the day. It allows you to attain energy from a stressful life, brings peace of mind and also raises your confidence levels.
  • Facing competitions: Yoga helps students to improve their concentration levels and the ability to memorize things. Children develop analytical thinking. ‘Omkar’ practice can help students face competition in their education life with more vigor.


Yoga is for all. It is no stranger to us and without our knowledge, we are following it right from our childhood. In-fact infants without their knowledge do yoga all day, their every moment. Yoga is here to help you discover… it’s a way of life.

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