6 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Smartphone Addiction


These days, smartphones and mobile phones are becoming overwhelmingly popular. It has been addicted to not only young but also from children to adults. So it is very important to understand that you are not wasting your time using the smart phones more than you need?

People who are engaged in Smartphone addiction, they frequently check their phone, they are restless when they forget about keeping the phone closed or somewhere. Such people cannot live without any phone for a few hours.

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Let’s tell you how to get rid of the Smartphone addiction.

  1. In the pocket that you keep or keep the phone, replace it in a few days, this will prevent it from coming in your hands immediately, and in the meantime you may be busy in any other work.
  2. Go to the settings of the Smartphone and turn off notifications. With this you will not notice the phone’s notification if the beep is played. If someone has any important work from you, he will call you directly.
  3. Make sure that you stay away from the phone for a few hours as soon as you wake up in the morning and keep the phone away just hours before sleeping.
  4. You keep your data off for a few hours of the day i.e. shut down the internet. This will not make your mind repeatedly to look at the phone and save battery too.
  5. When you walk a distance from the phone, then your mind will start automatically in other favorite activities, and you will also be able to avoid many other problems.
  6. Make sure to check your phone, at the same time, you can see all the updates, more frequent updates will also come from your work, so be it.

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